Community Rules For All Biocomm Users



Biocomm is a public, international network of special interest disease and condition communities for people and their doctors, caregivers, family and friends.

To participate in your biocomm community, all users must agree to the 10 basic rules of the community, as follows:

1. Be kind & respect others.

Biocomm strives to be a creative and welcoming place for users to share knowledge, connect and engage in positive activities for the sake of their own community. NO hate speech. NO bullying. NO racism. NO derogatory comments. No preaching, proselytising or pushing religious beliefs on others.

2. No unsolicited direct messages to people you don’t know.

No unsolicited chat messages– users are required to follow each other before chat messaging will be enabled. If anyone sends inappropriate messages to you, please let the admin know immediately, with the red button.

3. Don’t argue with or insult your Biocomm Community Admin.

Please don’t take it personally if your post is rejected. You should be able to see feedback on why. If you think it was an error, please submit again, but don’t argue with or insult an admin. Intentionally trying to bypass group rules will lead to instant removal from the community.

4. Keep posts relevant to the community in which you are participating.

The community is only for discussion of the respective disease or condition of interest. Irrelevant posts, comments or photographs will be removed. Party politics may be discussed elsewhere, but not in the community. Be mindful that others may not share your religious beliefs.

5. How to share links and pics and what not to share.

Please introduce photos, pictures, memes and add post topics. If you are sharing a link, we require you to add a brief summary of its content in your post (for medical content add which reputable source it comes from). Use a content warning where needed. Paste links with scary headlines in comments. Do not share symptom photos, petitions, surveys, polls or links to songs. If you are sharing a photo or a selfie please ensure it is relevant and in line with our other rules, see rule 2 for privacy.

6. Respect the quality of the community. Don’t spam.

Relevant Beats are most productive and appreciated by your community. Keep comments relevant to the beat. Don’t start debates on new topics, share irrelevant information, or promote treatments on other people’s posts. Duplicate content should be avoided. No spamming or posting multiple identical comments. 

7. No conspiracy theories, anti vaxxers, misinformation, abuse or illegality.

Respectful and kind behavour at all times is required for participation in biocomm. Links to information must be from reputable sources. Posts linking to or promoting fake news, conspiracy theories, antivax, miracle cures, pseudoscience etc. will be removed. No miracle cures or posts that promise healing.

8. Discuss alternative opinions in pinned threads only.

All irrelevant beats and comments should be discussed in the thread pinned at the top of the group as “Alternative Opinion” . New posts and comments which do not relate to the focus of the community will be removed.

9. No business or personal promotion, or fundraising.

Users should never promote remedies, multi-level marketing, their business or business of friends and relatives. No selling or affiliate/commission product links will be allowed. Biocomm does not endorse anything anyone beats. No fundraising or crowdfunding is allowed. Links to personal blogs or websites are allowed. Anything promoting “calls to activism” or “community organising” or any other form of campaigning needs to be on “Alternative Opinion” section.

10. Don’t instruct others or share dosages.

Use personal experience only (eg ‘this helped me’ or ‘I helped this symptom with this’). You may share what worked for you or advice you’ve been given but users should never tell others what to do or speculate on treatments for their symptoms. Don’t share or ask for dosages. Don’t give or ask for medical /treatment advice or supplement advice, or try to interpret test results. Always consult a medical professional in the first instance and make sure they are aware of any treatment you are trying.